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Vanessa H.

Visual Designer, Fine Artist, Writer



Vanessa's Portrait: Chris Evans/Cpt. America

*gasp* portrait drawing! I'm so excited for this class. I've loved portrait drawing, especially with pastel, since my early teens. I'm not new to drawing...been doing it since I was six, but I'm looking to explore new techniques and get more serious about it. 

So I've chosen to draw Chris Evans aka Captain America. I'm feeling inspired by it since I just watched the latest movie and really liked it.

The intensity and angle of his face is what convinced me to pick this one.

Step 1: Proportions/Sketch before transferring to final paper:

I used one of my favorite methods for setting up proportions, a grid, to help with since my final portrait will be on 9 x 12. Using planes and the techniques Gabrielle demonstrated, I placed the his outline and main features, as well as basic shapes and shadows that I'll need for transferring to the bristol paper for the final portrait.

Granted, his features, especially the lips, REALLY stand out (they gave me some trouble so they ended up too dark :D), but I wanted to make sure I got the proporations correct beforehand and I think I did. The rest of the details will be hammered out for the final drawing. I think my biggest struggle will be gentler strokes of the pencil. I've always had a tendency to push down too hard. 


Drawing Progress: It's not much yet, but I finally got around to starting the actual drawing. After some space away from the practice drawing (above), I noticed the right eye was off, so that's been adjusted. I'm making a conscious effort to drawing lighter instead of pressing hard like I normally do.


Had more time to work on it over the weekend. It's slowly coming along. Right now I'm building values. I accidently got a little watermark on a his neck and nose so I need to figure out how to conceal that.


Progress Update 6/11/14: About 80% finished! Home stretch...just need to finish his suit, hair, eyebrows, and final touches. I feel like I've been working on this forever, but I'm enjoying the challenge.



I'm finally done!!! I could probably continue to work on this for hours, but I'm forcing myself to tap out. I think some of the proportions are still a tad off on the right side of his face and the hair was super hard. But, overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. I learned a lot from this class that I think really helped take my portrait to the next level. Thanks Gabrielle!


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