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I've been a hobbyist photographer for about 7 years and becoming a mom has inspired me to take my photography to the next level. 

I've being going by the name Cherry Photography because it was fun, playful and well photography was just a hobby at the time. Now that I want to be seen as an artist/business I'm in the process of switching to Vanessa Gonzalez Photography.

Mind Dump


Perfect Customer/Client

Jennifer is a mother in her mid-thrities. She's educated, fun and stylish. She loves her family and is empowered by motherhood. She's active and health-conscious.

Jennifer enjoys to run and do yoga. Loves spending time with her husband (movies, concerts) and doing family activities. Even though she's busy she'll find time to catch up with friends and meet at a coffee shop. 

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Brand Questionnaire

What do I sell?

I sell art. I sell family heirlooms. I record history, memories, and stories.

What is the price range of my product?

Prices start at $250

 What 3 words best describe me?

I’m down to earth, friendly, and a perfectionist

 What 3 words best describe my style?


What are my favorite brands and why?

One of my favorite brands is Disney’s theme park Disneyland because of the full experience. As soon as you step on the Disneyland grounds you are taken to a magical place where both children and adults can enjoy. To a place where memories are created time and time again.

What’s my customer’s emotional response to my brand…and the brand experience?

I’m in the early stages of establishing my business but would like my work to provide an emotional connection by creating authentic memories/works of art.

Where do I currently sell my products/ services?

Services are sold online and through word of mouth.

Where would I like to sell my products / services in future?

I want to expand my client (services) to beyond family and friends. I would like to have an Internet presence as well as work/known within my local community.

 Where do I see my business in?

1 Year: I see my business growing via connections and referrals.

5 Year: I hope my business is established. Growing and has loyal clients.

10 Years: Growing in other areas: commercial/wedding photography

 Who is my ideal customer / client?

My ideal client is someone that appreciates and understands the value of photography/art.

What’s my brand name?

Vanessa Gonzalez photography

Mission Statement

My mission statement is still evolving but I have a few that I like:

1. Modern Stories for the Modern Soul

2. Candid Stories for the Modern Soul

3. Authentic Stories for the Modern Soul

4. Modern Stories for the Soulful

Logo Design Brief

My brand name:

Vanessa Gonzalez Photography

What do I do/sell:


How I position myself in the market:

My end goal is upper-end of the market but as I gain clients and my work progresses (improves) I want to be in the middle-end.

Photo sessions: $350 / Mini-Sessions $125

 My target market:

Educated women with a sense of style and appreciation of art

Existing logos I like and why:

I like typographic logos that are simple and clean. I think as a photographer my work is the selling point so I don’t want my logo to be distracting or over the top.

3 words that describe my brand and product:

Modern, creative, artistic

Logos I like and why:

 Here are a few inspiration logos. I like these because they are simple, clean, and still have style.




My competitors:

Local lifestyle photographers


No budget really. I’m going to have my husband create the logo.

Vanessa Gonzalez Photography Logo 

Here are two logos. The first one logo I paid $25 for the second one (with color) I had my husband put together.

I'm leaning towards #2 not sure if the color works or if I should keep it all black. 



Final Logo:



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