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Levin Dixon

Software Engineer and Photographer



Vancouver Coffee Breaks


A few months ago I was given an Olympus Trip 35 and decided to give developing my own photos a try. To my amazement, the first roll I developed turned out! From that point on I was hooked. I’ve been bringing my camera (now a Leica M6) with me on coffee breaks everyday for the past few months. I’m addicted to the process and magic of revealing the developed film to see moments captured in time.

I’d been searching for the ‘why’ in ‘why I take photographs’ since I started. I know that I can do it, and enjoy doing it very much, but I was really struggling to find the purpose behind what I was doing. My most treasured take-away from this class is when Andre said “My job is to notice what everybody else is missing.” It really helped me understand why I take photos. Thanks Andre.






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