Vancity D3100

Hi everyone, I had a lot of fun last night shooting these.  Looking for peoples thoughts.  Forgot to adjust white balance on camera, so my post processing is inconsistent in trying to correct this mistake.


1) Light trails.  Was playing around with the lamps in the foreground.  I thought that I would run a large apperture to focus on that, but didn't seam to make much difference. 

a) With lamp F/14 @ 11 sec.  Had issues with these horizontal light bands between headlights, not sure what that was all about.  Colour balanced to LED lights on bridge.

b) F/5 @ 3.6 sec leaving the warmer colour of the tungsten lamp and narrower depth of field.  Seems too similar to first photo (a).


c) Not sure if we were supposed to be doing the painting, so I have put one with my attempt to paint with a headlamp, walking across the scene. F/6.3 @ 13


2) Portrait. F/6.3 @ 3.6 seconds


3) Landscape long exposure.  Okay, on this one I was torn between having people in or out, but I love the people in this foreground. 

a) F/9 @ 39 seconds


b) And one with straight landscape.   F/9 @ 12.6 seconds


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