Van de Venne Crest

Hi there, 

I am actually redesigning a crest that my mother showed me a while ago. This is some of the work I have been creating while watching the class. Following the lessons and getting all the tips and tricks. What I have created until now looks too much like the work from Aaron so I am going to redesign some of the stuff going from this foundation. 

My family name is Van de Venne which roughly means that we come from a Fen type area ( ) 

The hexagrams (6 pointed stars created from 2 facing triangles) don't have any significant meaning that I know of but my Grandma had 12 children so that's a nice symbolic meaning I have thought of. 

What I will be trying from now on is creating the florals that the helmet has. It would be nice to create a Dropcap V with these florals to be a nice accent on top of the shield. 

Also I want to design a lion to sit next to the crest to honor my dad who is a Peugeot Mechanic 





Just realised that a Capital V lends itself AWESOMELY as a shield as such:








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