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Van Weeg Family Crest

Beginning this project, I tried to look deep into my family's history and uncover some awesome traditions for this family crest. My parents being divorced, I tried to look into both of my family histories. My mom's side (Van Aken) has roots in England and Holland, while my dad's side (Weeg) is Norwegian and general Northern European folk. What I uncovered were a lot of inconsistencies in occupations, different hometowns and upbringing, and a general lack of trends and deep rooted traditions.


For this crest, I decided to make a family crest that's more current and relates to important events that I've experienced in my life. The Van Weeg name comes from my Uncle Tim jokingly making a family friend an honorary Van Weeg, melding the two families containing our own fun, goofy traditions. 


Shield (Pulling from the Norway shield/badge logo)

Pizzelles (Grandma Nanny made these on holidays and family gatherings)

Windmill and Tulip Fields (Honoring my dutch heritage)

Tulip Laurels (My Grandpa Poppy loves sharing his experience working in Holland planting tulip bulbs and having to travel back to the US on a freighter after Hitler invaded the country)

"Norge, Norge, Norge!" (Our family would playfully begin chanting this before meals to honor our Norwegian viking ancestry.)

"Familien" ("Family" in Norwegian)

"Dead by Dawn" (Probably the goofiest tradition on here! Dead by Dawn is the Evil Dead 2 movie, which was always a favorite to watch during Thanksgiving gatherings)

Oregon (I'm the only one in my family born in Oregon, but now we've come to call this place home)



Secondary more simple version.




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