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Van Order Family Crest

I started out with some research and created a mood board for the Van Order family. I did this as a birthday gift for my Grandfather.

The Van Order fanily can be traced to be originally from Antwerp which is a Dutch province in Belgium.

So I researched, looked up flags, coat of arms of Antwerp and even things that my Grandfather likes or is part of who he is. I found out, a few things that he personally enjoys or is part of who he is is part of the history of Antwerp and teh Van Orders.

For example, on the coat of arms, there are deer antlers at the bottom and my Grandfather enjoys to deer hunt and so did his family so I had to include them in the crest. Another thing I included was beer because Belgium is avery popular beer location in Europe and has been for some time. My Grandfather is a big fan of beer but always drinks from a can so I incorporated that. I also included a windmill since they are pretty symbolic of Dutch history and culture and were found in Antwerp. Finally, I included a goat icon because my Grandfather has owned goats for a good 10 years or so on their big 100 acre land in Covington, Pa.


Next, I did a few sketches to pull the ideas together and ultimatley went with the idea on the right to get started!


Final proiduct! I am going to make hats and shirts for my Grandfather and my Uncles in the Van Order family. I really appreciate Aaron Draplin for doing this course, you are an inspiration as a graphic designer!

Hope you all enjoyed viewing my project :)



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