Van Gogh/Art Philosophy(Prima)/Sakura-Koi

Van Gogh/Art Philosophy(Prima)/Sakura-Koi - student project

Hello everyone, I've just started in the watercolour world, I don't have a lot of paints but I hope this can help someone.

KOI it's ok to start practicing, but you can see that you need a lot of paint to really get the color on to the paper and I don't think I'd buy it again. (16 euros-12 colors)

I've paint with Van Gogh a lot, and I love it! the pigment it's really good and strong, a little bit of the paint and you have a really strong color. (20 euros-12colors)

Prima it's also a very good brand, the pigment it's amazing, and the metallic is precious, I'm in love with this brand. Confetti Set Prima (22,50 euros-24 colors) and Prima Metallic Pastel Accents (13,50 euros - 12 colors)

I live in Canary Islands and I by art supplies on: El Corte Ingles, some local shops and online on mitiendadearte, totenart,artemiranda,bellasartesjeco

Thanks ;D


Van Gogh/Art Philosophy(Prima)/Sakura-Koi - image 1 - student projectVan Gogh/Art Philosophy(Prima)/Sakura-Koi - image 2 - student project

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