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Van Dyke Family Crest

What an interesting project! 

I started off thinking about my parents and the history of the name "Van Dyke"...but unfortunately that didn't lead to much inspiration or clear direction.

I decided to make a crest that represents my immediate family.

My wife's nickname for me is Bear.

My wife is my queen.

We have 5 kids...four boys and the #5 is our sweet little girl.

We live in Knoxville, TN and the Smoky Mountains are our "back yard" and we love spening family time outside.

The laurel is a represenation of a dogwood bloom, which is native to East Tennessee.

I couldn't decide on colors, so I went with a few shades of gray to give it a little depth.

I am really happy the way it turned out.

There's items I would tweak, but since I hadn't really used illustrator before, I decide to call this version final, and keep taking classes and improving my illustrator skills.



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