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Vampires and Art

*Cough* Um...hey there. I'm kinda late in the game, but I'm very excited to be a part of this class. I can't tell you, so moving on to art. 

There are the two main characters to my original comic "Close your eyes". Yvonne is a young aspiring artist who is going to inherit her Uncles art gallery and Viktor...well he's an artist of sorts...and a vampire. ^_^; Yvonne is from back east America (With strong French infulence), and Viktor is from Russia. Yvonne is curious to boot, and fascinated with different. Viktor is different but wishes to be normal, and the closest he gets to that is being a well know glass blower. 

Obviously it's got a supernatural touch, and maybe some fantasy later as the story develops. Hope you all enjoy the designs. 

Right, here is Yvonne. This is a hot shot of her around the age of 17-20. Her hair is blond (naturally) on top, and black underneath.

Here is a Fullbody of her. The tatoo reminds her of the night she met Viktor. She loves comfy but nice blouses, and usually skinny jeans or leggings. Sometimes a skirt.

And now Viktor! I've actually bulked him up alot from his orignal design 8 years ago. He loves peircings, interesting hair, and a sort of punky look. At least this decade he does. ^_^ He is vampiric and so quite pale, with dark hair, and lavender eyes. He's kinda shady looking usually, but he's actually a very nice guy. Like walking old ladies across the stree nice.

And here is his Head Shot. This is still before I beefed him up a little bit. But it gives you an idea of his eyes, piercings, and hair better than the full body.

Well there they are~! Hope you all like them. :)

Hey all, here are the Turnarounds for both Yvonne and Viktor. And let me tell you how much my pencil wishes it had copy paste! Lol 

Happy Holidays everyone! I've got Yvonne's facial expressions page up and ready. This is an area that I really struggle in, but I'm trying. In order to finish the class in time I'm going to be splitting the characters up per assignment, so here is the 3rd part. Hope you like them! :)

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas (or whatever you celebrate! :> ) And here is the fullbody turnaround I did for Viktor. I am warning you...the quality of the drawing goes down a little bit as the turn around progresses. I am sorry. I really did try hard though. Linning everything up is really difficult for me. Howevere I didn't want to just give up, so I'm posting what I have. Try to be gentle, I know it's rough. ^^; 

Thanks again.

Well here it is! Assignment 5! Whoohoo! I went ahead and combined the two characters to get all 5 poses. >.> I hope that is okay. I thought it might be fun. <////< I know Vik's got his shirt off in one of them. I couldn't help it I thought it'd be hot. Lol Anyway. Hope you enjoy! 

Happy New Year everyone! 


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