Vampire's Fall Book Launch

Vampire's Fall Book Launch - student project

Step 1.

Start Date: August 1st, 2020

End Date: October 31st, 2020


Step 2.

Grand Prize: A signed copy of my book, with bookmark, and personally written thank you letter. (x3)

Smaller Prizes: I want to get into contact with other indie authors and do different book giveaways, and well and talk to my cover artist and see if I could do some art giveaways.

Consolation Prize: I liked the idea of giving people who entered and extended teaser of the book. Maybe the first 20 pages or so. This way everyone gets something.


Step 3.

Prizes; signed copies of my book, bookmarks, other author’s books(?), art prints(?). I also have a comic in the works, so I could offer to put up to three people in my comic as a prize.


Step 4.

I’m definitely going to do the teaser chapters/pages as my consolation prize. I may also include some digital paintings I’ve had done for the book.



Step 5.