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Vampire Priest/Healer

The character i have in mind is a vampire healer/priest. I want to steer clear of the modern interpretations of vampires. Although i do want her to be beatiful and to completely beastly. My story is that she was raised by her adoptive father a priest and therefore despises vampires herself.

The idea behind this character is that when she was young she was abandoned for being an albino (this is like middle ages era) so she was taken in by a priest order which (hunts vampires/werewolves/witches), she grew up with them and became a healer. Out in the field one day healing the injured she was bitten by a vampire. Her adopted father wouldn't kill her. So she is fed on blood from executions and such.

Just realised the above on the left has two knee's on each leg, i've fixed that in the next bit hehe


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