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Vampire Attack!

I started by finding a bunch of references from various sports and drawing out a rough skeleton for each, then seeing if I could fit them into a scene together by moving around the skeletons on the page.


With the skeletons at the the right size, and after checking the proportions, I went into drawing out the musculature for each figure individually, then erasing the parts that would be hidden by other figures.


Next I added in some rough pencils, threw in some color and started working on clothing and weaponry concepts, texturing as I go. Still trying to come up with background ideas, maybe the inside of a castle would do nicely...


 Ok, here's a last minute update before I finish this up tomorrow. I did a lot of work all over the place and pretty much just need to finish up the inks and put in some details like ground shadows.


Here's the final!:


I love to get feedback, so please share any comments good or bad! Thanks!


updates to this project and many others are also posted on my art page;


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