Valuing Me


My first biggest takeaway was about knowing my worth and charging for it, and not undervaluing yourself. I sell digital prints and have next to know expenses other than Etsy fees. When I decided on a price I looked through Etsy to see what others were charging. I took what I found to be the average and added a dollar to it to cover those fees. That way my take home would be around the average I found. I feel like I might be overpricing though. My shop is a little over a year old but I’ve had minimal sales. I don’t know if that’s due to a young shop, a flaw in my salesmanship, or too high of prices. I’m a touch over the average price on Etsy, but I’m by no means the most expensive. Nor do I think I’m asking too much for what’s being giving, I’m just asking more than others. 

One thing I’m struggling with working out is that when I factor in the time it took to make the design and prepare the listing, I feel like I’m undervaluing my time and that the price should be higher. I guess it’s different in this case since I spend all of these hours working up front but then can continue to make money off of it without any more work in the future. It’s just hard when I’m only getting a few sales a month. I’m better at charging more for custom work, but I think I am still probably undervaluing myself. I definitely struggle with confidence. 

When I’m working with a possible client, I need to get better about starting with giving the estimate. I don’t do a lot of work right now and my pieces don’t usually take me more than an hour or two. When someone asks for a custom piece I find that I get ahead of myself and start working on the design before we’ve discussed pricing, I love the work and asking people for money gives me anxiety. I find that I prefer to push that anxiety as far away as possible. I want to develop a list of products/services I offer and what different variations of time/delivery would cost. That way, when I get a request, I’m not having to think about everything all over again, I can just reference my list. I think having a process like this will make me a lot more comfortable bringing up price early on in the conversation.

Thank you so much for all the confidence boosting! I love that you included all of that when you really didn’t have to. It was needed and gratefully received. Now if I can just remember to do a better job of telling myself those things. The course was great. And even though I still don’t have a good pricing scheme in place, I feel like I’m on a better track towards it.