Value of Work


As a designer who, mostly, works in publishing, I wasn't expecting to walk away from this lesson with a lot of information that would help me specifically. However, I found some very helpful tidbits that are very helpful for me to keep in check.

I was recently offered a book interior project with a publisher that is priced considerably lower than I've been pricing my work. As eager as I am to take on as many projects as I can (about two and a half years into freelancing), I had to look at how many hours I've averaged working on (book) interior projects and compare that to how many pages to expect working on the project that was offered to me. I realized with how many hours I spend on (book) interiors, that I cannot financially accept less than a certain price per page, which is what I'm currently charging (if I want to make sure I'm in the higher range of price per hour overall).

I find this has been very helpful to understand my flat rates in the publishing world better and to really make sure I'm using my time wisely. Thank you, Peggy, for your lesson!

Emily Weigel
(Book) designer in MN