Value Rendering Excercise

I must say - this course is AWESOME!!! Thank you Hardy!!! 


I am super excited to do each and every exercise mentioned in this course and more, but as it is my very first time to render a creature that looks realistic and alive - I will take it one small step at a time... 


Thank you for explaining the value rendering in detail, it is something that I have always wondered about and until this course - have not been able to figure out ... as you say - it is truly a piece of GOLDEN INFORMATION that is extremely helpful :)


Also, I am very happy to hear about the responsive support offered for this course, as it would aid a great deal to have some feedback and advice from a professional in the field and teacher whilst growing from baby steps to professional level renderings ;)


As I have mentioned, I am extremely new to this, so before I jump into the four main projects, I first had a practice run for the value rendering using the much appreciated, generously provided silhouette of the stegosaurus provided.




Hardy, you are soooooo correct - the moment when the creature seems to come alive is like magic!!! I had a moment whist rendering the stegosaurus that I truly could imagine just reaching out and touching it... It was a lot of fun doing this exercise - and almost can't wait to start the next ones :).  Before I dive in any deeper without the expert advice and opinion from my teacher, would you consider this to be a successful value rendering Hardy?   


In continuation of the projects outlined for this course, I went ahead and have rendered a inked sketch of the first project - Howler.


As an overview of my design - this version of Howler combines the familiar howling pose of a wolf with the crest inspired by the crest of a royal flycatcher to depict this biped dinosaur howling to alert the others in it's pack that it has spotted prey...




Next step will be the value rendering. Any suggestions and comments are welcome to ensure that I may render the best possible version of this depiction of Howler.




Howler's Value Rendering.  Howler is turning out quite handsome ... for a predator ...  Next step - Skin and markings :)

 May I introduce to you - Howler :)  I sure do hope that I have managed to tick all the boxes for this project.  Needless to say - I am very proud of myself and the outcome of this very first fully rendered creature :)  I used "earthy" or rather "leafy" colors as it's means of camouflage. 

 I am deeply aware of the fact that I wouldn't have been able to arrive at the end product without the valuable information taught in this course... Once again, my deepest gratitude for sharing your knowledge in an very clear, understandable and easily applicable manner Hardy - it sure made an enormous difference - I mean - just have a look at the results of a first-timer!!!




For the second project, project Reaper, I have found inspiration for the design from a cyclops shark, a star nosed mole, a cookie cutter shark, crustaceans as well as a millipede and a scorpion.


I don't know about you - but if I had to come across one of these ... I'd probably run for miles ...  



 With some minor changes to the design, the value rendering step has been completed.  


 I am quite happy with the result that I have been able to arrive at with this second project, project Reaper... I must add ... I am happy that this creature is only a product of my imagination ... should it be a real creature, well, we humans would be in great danger... RUN!!!! 

Of course, any comments, advice and or critique is most welcome :)



For the third project, project Phoenix, I have been inspired by a blinded sphinx moth for the wing's design. 



Value rendering for the Phoenix project has been completed :)




 Hardy... I have a little confession to make..


Since the completion of project Reaper and the wonderful feedback I have received - I have been challenged... A challenge which I have accepted ... this challenge was to create variations of the Reaper creature and to place them in an environment...


Thus, I revisited a previous course of yours named: "Digital landscapes:  Painting Environments with Photoshop".  Since I have rendered this variation of the Reaper creature named "Moros Meiresthai" following the lessons taught within your courses, I would like to share the outcome of this challenge with you :)


To begin with, here is an outline of the variation complete with a inked sketch:


And ... the moment you have been waiting for:


I am aware that I went well beyond the scope of the projects given within this course, and that I jumped into the deep end of the pool here, but do feel free to express what is on your heart should you like to :)

In continuation on "project deviation" - I have continued working ... I kept the advice received from you about incorporating more lumps and tapers to make it seem more real in the forefront of my mind whilst rendering this new version - and - although the creature had already been sketched and rendered inside an environment, I went ahead and used the previously rendered creature as a base for the continuation towards photo-realism.  

Below is a little preview of the process and or iterations I went through thus far:



And here follows a newly rendered version of the creature "Moros Meieresthai".


 So it has been a while since an update of Moros Meiresthai was posted... it is still a work in progress, but I would like to share an updated image :)

I have done some minor adjustments to Moros Meiresthai since the last update, mainly changing his eye, his nostrils, working on his teeth and giving him more skin tone variations.




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