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Valkyrie in Flight

I had a really hard time with making my line art into sillohette at first. I tend to draw in a construction/animation style thumbnails at first and don't draw that darkly. I found this made me think about my poses in a more dramatic way. I hated it at first and by the 50th sketch I almost enjoyed it. I used a copic marker pallet for my colors. Black seems so murky for me! Anyhow thanks for the feedback. It's really neat to be part of this, isn't it?

Valkyrie sketches

Refine Sketch

Refined sketch

I ended up keeping the darker parts for black armor. I am still having a struggle with drawing in tone instead of lines but I'm learning.  I ended up fleshing out top row #5, middle row 2 and bottom row #1. I still have some anatomy to fix but I'm going to sit on it a few days to start fresh.


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