Validate Your Business Idea with a Feasibility Study

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Is Your Business Idea Feasible? 

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You will conduct a feasibility study on your business idea. We will complete a 7 step process and upon completion, armed with this detailed information you will make an informed decision on how to move forward with your idea, make adjustments to your idea or walk away from your idea. 

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My Feasibility Study

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Have an idea for a business? Find out if your idea can be successful in the marketplace before spending lots of time and money by conducting a feasibility study. 

There are main benefits to writing a feasibility study for your business idea:

1. To identifiy the key components of the business, who, what, why, where and how business will take place.

2. Provides lots of information to write a solid business plan.

3. Will help you determine if you should go ahead with the idea, make adjustments to the idea or not proceed with the idea.

Updated project outline as of 12-17-2015

Link to my course outline https://goo.gl/tv19qZ

Link to my video course outline https://goo.gl/xZW9HS

Link to my introduction video https://goo.gl/E2N9MJ


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