Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - student project

Well I decided to go with a very simple pattern to start out with just to try to get the hang of things.
I don't have an IPad or tablet so all my drawing is done via desktop in Illustrator. I have the full Adobe Suite and am familiar with Photoshop as well as Illustrator. Do you think it would be better to draw the pattern sketches in a different program and then go through all the steps for conversion or it is okay to simply draw in Illustrator? Also, since we export as JPG and not a vector file is it alright to draw with the brush tool and the various brushes? If so, their shouldn't be a need to convert the strokes to shape or expand the shapes correct? Can the raster tools in Illustrator be used? If so, are there negative effects I should be concerned with?

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 1 - student project

I decided to try out two different background colors just to get a feel for how it changed the feel of the pattern. Actually I like them both.  The scale of these patterns is about 3x4 ish so each flower head should be about an inch. It's really hard to judge scale when you are looking at it on the computer because you zoom in and zoom out. I found it beneficial to print a sample actual size to get a better feel for how it will look on fabric.

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 2 - student project

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 3 - student project

These two repeats are about 7x7 ish

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 4 - student project

Over all I am happy with the pattern except for one small area of pink polka dots that seem to be a little too close. I might go in a edit the pattern to remove just one of the dots to give it a tad more breathing room. I don't want to the dots to look like they are about to overlap. Otherwise I'm happy with the overall results.

One of the most useful things I learned in class was that the scale of pattern can be changed. I am a simple designer honestly. I've been tinkering with Illustrator for years and since the quarantine began I thought I would try my hand at creating a few simple printable works for wall art. I've never used textures or patterns before this year and didn't have a good working knowledge of how they really worked. My disappointment was the fact that some of the textures were so small that when they printed they looked like dark spots or you could see the pattern tracking when trying to fill in larger pieces. Having the ability to change the scale of the pattern will be useful in many of my other ongoing creations.

How do we save these pattern swatches after creation so they populate in the Illustrator Swatch Panel for use in other projects?


Thanks for a great class. I'm going to create a few different styles of patterns before moving on to the next class. I really want this information to soak in.

Valerie Funk


Edited to add the corrected pattern:
I went ahead and moved a few of the pink polka dots around to allow a little more space. I like this a lot better.

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 5 - student project

These are the individual repeats

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 6 - student project



Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 7 - student project


Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 8 - student project


 Adding a second Print:

This is the single repeat. It's approximate size is 5x7. Will odd size repeats work?

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 9 - student project


This is the large scale repeat at approx 12x12


Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 10 - student project


 Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 11 - student project

This is a larger scale print 
The single repeat is about 12 inch  the repeat is  22

Valerie Funk - Flower Pattern - image 12 - student project