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Elvira Valera

Graphic designer in training



Valera-Martin family crest

Hello all,

For this project I chose to create a family crest that represents both my father's (Valera) and mother's (Martin) family clans.

I selected a few of our family passions and attributes:

- intelligence (raven covering the crest)

- courage and strenght (lion)

- we love running

- we LOVE cats

- I am a neuroscientist and I wanted to include that in the crest as well (brain)

We don't have a specific motto, so I included only images and our 2 last names in the banner.

I kept it very simple, and except for the lion the rest was done using just a few simple lines.




I can see myself proudly wearing this family crest on a t-shirt. The pink version is my favorite :)

Thanks Aaron for a fantastic class!




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