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Valentine's Promo Pieces

My company, Rocketfuel Design, wanted to do a simple Valentine's promotion, as a way to encourage others to "share the love." Since I signed up for this class I decided to try and use the love phrases we made up and put them into a Valentine-themed appearance and feel with what I've learned from this course thus far. 

I can't tell you how many pages of trying different slants, styles and sizing of letters, ascenders, descenders, that I went through to get to near final versions of these. But, it finally started clicking into place after a couple days of just going back to the sketching, drawing, and writing. I decided to use a micron pen on these, since I'm not entirely comfortable with the calligraphy pen just yet. 

They're not perfect, but I'm really happy with how these turned out for a first time through! I'd superly-appreciate any feedback and suggestions on these.

You can download the desktop background and Facebook profile size versions of my artwork on my website, . They're free to use, as long as you share the love. :) 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

You Make My Heart Soar: 

The initial sketch idea finally playing out.

The traced ink as unified lines, and then with the imitation calligraphy added to it.

The final, thus far.

Your Love is Out of this World:

Ths initial sketches.

The idea finally came into a workable, playful idea to incorporate our company's rocketship into the lines.

Inked out and ready to scan.

The final, thus far.


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