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Valentine's Pretzels Tin

UPDATED 1/6/15

Here are photos of my finished product. I printed my design on vinyl and wrapped an existing tin.


Since I didn't have an actual product in mind for my project, I decided to make one up. My ancestors were pretzel makers, so I went with a snack tin for pretzels. I thought it would be fun to incorporate little tidbits of family heritage in the branding and copy. The name of my fictional pretzel brand is Valentine's.

Here are my brainstorming notes.

There isn't a whole lot of information needed for a tin of pretzels - brand name, company info, ingredients - but it gives me a lot of room to play with tags and little morsels of info.

Here's the inspiration I gathered.

I like the simplicity and playfulness of some of these food tins, and the sometimes striking minimal color schemes.

I explored through sketching until I felt like I had a handle on the elements I wanted to see in my piece.

It's my plan to wrap the tin, which is rectangular, with my design, but I began with sketching out thumbnails for the front only.

I decided to do a few thumbnails for the sides as well. I still feel that the design chosen for the front will really inform how the rest of the tin looks, I wanted to explore a little and make sure I was headed down the right track.

I decided to take two of my thumbnails to sketch. I went ahead and sketched the side panels as well.

Here's the inked version of my sketch.

I was pretty certain of what type of color scheme I was going for. I tried two, and then further developed my favorite.

I made a very basic mock up with printer paper and attached it to my tin. I've got some fine tuning to do before I send it to the printer, but I'm pleased with how it's looking so far.


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