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Valentine for ME.

We are always so down on our shortcomings -- maybe we are already enough, just as we are?

... I started this project, and this class, because I have been feeling less connected to my creative self lately.I'm very inspired by process-heavy work (I'm primarily a fiber artist!)...and the idea of learning a new technical skill was super enticing. Heres how it went.

I'm a therapist, with my own pile of social anxiety and issues with myself. I have always been comforted by the research and philosophy of Brene Brown (watch her TED talk, SRSLY) I started off exploring some of her quotations. I kept coming back to this idea of being ENOUGH. How often do we feel "less than"? As if we are only deserving of love and a sense of belonging when we are good enough, skinny enough, rich enough...BUT what if we flip this on its head, and begin to genuinely believe that we are already enough, just as we are?

With valentines day coming up, I decided to create a valentine, for me. 

I sketched the piece out in plain old number 2 pencil, and did the final tracing using micron pens (02 and 03). :)


I scanned the image in to preview....

and then I adjusted the Levels in photoshop to get a sharp image contrast to help with the live trace! yay!

...THEN I somehow vectorized this image (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Mary Kate for explaining this in a way that made sense to me!!!) 

[oops I didn't document this step well...I'll come back and update this!]

I haven't had a chance to finalize the colors and really explore the possibilities of different fills...but here's where I am now:

This is so much fun. AND now I have a fabulous valentine just for ME. :)


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