Valentine Coloring Page

Valentine Coloring Page - student project

I have been wanting to try to create my own coloring pages for a long time.  The pieces that I have used as coloring pages up to this point have basically been final drafts for paintings that I’ve done.  I haven’t sat down and done a drawing with the goal of coloring page in mind.

I have so many ideas for pages, but I settled on some lettering that I was working on for Valentine’s Day:
Valentine Coloring Page - image 1 - student project

I picked the “always” and the ampersand from one sheet and the “forever” from the other sheet.  I started out adding hearts and stars, but I ended up ditching the stars.  Then the striped swishy thing came to mind.
Valentine Coloring Page - image 2 - student project

The whole thing felt like it needed some kind of frame, so I used my ellipse template that I have on hand for my lettering projects.  Since I did this sketch on computer paper, I got out my light box in order to transfer the design onto some good card stock.  From there I did the final inking:
Valentine Coloring Page - image 3 - student project

I’m pretty happy with the final result.  It’s simple with a lot of things to color in.  When I thought about doing coloring pages before, I was trying to come up with very complicated, intricate designs.  That may still come, but for now keeping it simple is what is motivating me to continue in this genre.

Lisa Goss
Artist & owner of Flory Avenue Designs