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Vale Ferrari

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Valentina's project


The main purpose of this room is as a place to sit, read, hang out or watch TV. The largest pieces of furniture in the room are the couch and chair (to sit), the bookcase, and the TV stand.

Most objects in the room are squared or rectangular. There are a few shapes that deviate from that slightly, which creates an interesting juxtaposition. There are also a few circles repeated throughout the room, including the trays and the lamp.

The color palette in this room is quite neutral with some focal elements in red (the background of the painting and the coffee tables).

Most of this room does not use a lot of patterns, the pillows and the rug have a pattern that repeat the circular shape used elsewhere in the room.

The strongest texture in the room are probably the books on the bookshelf which side by side seen from this distance create visual interest. This texture contrasts very strongly with the flat, bold colors used in the painting which appears in front of the books and really breaks away from the texture.

Elements in this space are generally arranged to form groups. For example, there are two coffee tables next to each other, two pillows, three vases, and multiple glasses on the tray. Overall the room balances very well, the three vases balance the size and dark screen of the television on the other side of the painting, and the single chair, although it's only one, balances against the larger but more neutral couch on the other side of the tables.

The most obvious bling in this room for me are the two coffee tables that have a glossy finish that reflect the light and their surroundings. The glasses on the couch also add a bit of bling to that corner of the room.


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