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Vagabond Von Boggart

I had done a couple of shape designs and decided to go for a tall and lanky kind of shape because he is supposed to be a monster and kind of creepy. I took this sketch and messed with the proportions to make him lankier.

I was happy with the proportions but I felt the pose was very lifeless so I wanted to keep the proportions but add a gesture/life to the pose before continuing.

I'm very happy with the line art and moving forward to putting values, then coloring!

Here is my values rough, I wanted to have the moon behind him, so thats the source of light for the rim lighting going on.

Here is the preview of the color and lighting rough! Next step is to clean up the details and refine the lighting!

Here is the final ! Im not a beginner to photoshop but I need to get better at rendering textures, slowly but surely, practice, practice, practice! Any feedback would be gretly appreciated!


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