Ian Maloney

No comic sans here



VagaBond Monogram

Hello everyone my name is Ian,

I'm here on skill share to improve upon my skills as designer and hopefully become a freelance designer. Now with this monogram I'll be doing my business name VagaBond Studio. I'll be focusing on two letters with this project VB.

1. Collecting Inspiration

Most of my inspiration came from my collection of varies alcoholic bottles. I find they offer inserting letter forms because they're trying to market their product to a refine personor  the everyday day working man. When I was walking exploring nature and structures I started falling in love with hard sharp angles but at the same creating this nice flow.



2. Sketch your monogram form

Good start not much flair but I'm a simple man. I just enjoyed finding a creative way combine these leters forms only problem I ran into was the V and playing with the different angles I could push it.



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