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Vacation Envy

Update: January 9, 2015

A lot has changed with Vacation Envy. A lot of progress has been made. Starting with the new logo. I have also changed the name of the blog to showcasing my personal travels and informing you about the new updates with Vacation Envy.

I have recently started a Kickstarter campaign, if you love travel and you support women in tech please make a donation. $5 dollars makes a huge difference. Anything is much appreciated!

Let me know your thoughts!

Update: April 15, 2014

* I have created a blog to help potential users get a better idea of how Vacation Envy is supposed to work once the site is completed. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments section.

Check it out! 

Create your travel map, share photos and show off all your adventures to friends and other travellers. Upload pics from the countries and cities you’ve already visited and pin the ones you plan on visiting.

(Above photo from a friends' trip to Iceland @ a hot spring)


Vacation Envy is an online photo sharing website that is in it's inception. I decided to create this site because lately I've been traveling and my Facebook wall is filled with pictures of my friends awesome vacations, and as a result, I have vacation envy. As I plan my vacations, I want to do some of the cool things they have done too!

The pictures are cool and all, but the problem is that, I may know the country, but I dont know the city or area etc. so that I can enjoy my vacation just the same.

Because I need some guidence I decided to create this as a project on Skillshare to hold myself accountable for its progress and to also get open honest feedback from my peers (you).

Please follow my journey as I try to exeute this business and get it done right the first time!

Business Model:

Free platfom that spreads, is fun, addictive, and engages people for hours a day. Once attention and user volume is acheived, travel related businesses and advertisers can purchase some of that attention.

Freelancing vs. Entrepreneurship:

This is an entrepreneurial enterprise.

The web developement will be outsourced using current network or freelance websites.



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