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VZ Bath & Body Redesign

Hi everyone, 

Im Juliana Cuervo an illustrator and animation student from Medellín - Colombia. Finally I have a llitle time to update this class and project. 

A few weeks ago I received a gift from a closed friend. It was a pear body lotion from a local brand store of Argentina. The name's company is VZ Bath & Body. I get very surprised about the package of this lotion, at first sight looks like an old vintage yogurth ( actually pretty good ) but I got very dissapointed with the tag on this lotion. I think the tag could be more consistent with the package and the local stores design.


This lotion is part of a series body products with a main base of yogurth and fruits. As I said before I really loved the packaging, but the tag was so poor,  even more when I had the chance to meet the local stores. Here are some pictures from the local stores of this company:

Mood Board of VZ Bath & Body

As we can see, the base value of the company is to introduce a clean, simple and nature friendly image of the brand, everything is white and the products are the only ones to give a touch of color for every store.

At the same time this is a brand highly consumed by women, and that's reflected on their stores with some vintage touches on their decoration and furnitures. But, there are some products that didn't reflect this values,  that's the case of the Yogurth Body Lotion, the product I decided to choose for redesign.

Product Moodboard

My main idea is to reflect a more vintage look to the tag that can be related with the package and stores, also add a lot of colors and a "girly" perspective that can evoke a clean and a delicate feeling of the product  (wich is made with yogurth and fruits, what can be more delicate and healthy than that?)



Well, as you can see I did a selection of different tag labels fairly consistent with my main idea. As I said before I want to  reflect a vintage look to the tag, more related with the yogurth bottle and the design of the stores. I want to design a full color illustration and lettering that can can evoque that  "girly", clean and delicate perspective.  

Wait for my update for tomorrow!! with the sketches and some ideas. Thanks for your time n_n



Well here are five sketches proposals for my tag design. I really like them all, but I have to choose one of them of course. My favorites are the numbers 1 and 2 but, number 3 makes me think that could be more related with the store, but still looking very boring.

Let me know what you think! I I've waiting for your comments and suggestions, thank you! :)


Hello guys!

Here's the final design that I did for the bottle. I didn't find a high quality picture of the product, sadly I can upload a nice mock up version of the lotion with the tag.  Hope you like it! I really enjoyed this exercise and learn a lot of things that I don't usually do. Thank you so much for your time..

You can find more from me here: www.julianacuervo.com


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