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VW Better Half

I just opened my very first business, an open studio art space designed to allow artists of all different skill and interest level to come together and make art in an encouraging environment.  I have the equipment for 3D printing, screen printing, and studio photography, which is forcing me to expand my creativitiy to new mediums.  I've always wanted to learn Illustrator, and now that I have the Adobe suite, it's finally time!  I chose this ad of a '50's VW Beetle because my better half just proposed we spend forever together and I want to make him something cool.  He has a Bug that he's been restoring, building, rebuilding, racing, and rebuilding again for about a decade, so I figured this was the perfect way-too-challenging challenge!

I got sidetracked for a while and put this on the back burner.  Which backfired when I needed to draw something up in Illustrator and was completely lost.  Useful tools take time to learn, so back to the grind!  This is the first iteration of the project:

Everything so far has pretty much ben done with the pen tool, since the aim of it is to have a more hand-drawn look.  I'm still working on figuring out how to get color in the middle sections (his face and the body of the large bug), though.


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