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Aaron Jackson




VSCO Email Design


I think that this email from VSCO is a great example of a great campaign. As a graphic designer and a user of their app so I definitely relate to both sides of the concept from a design standpoint and as a user.

The goal of this paticular campaign is to inform their current and former users of their new site, iOS app, and Lightroom feature and increase bouce rate and downloads.

VSCO uses a clean & minimal layout and gets straight to the point with their information. They understand that their users aren't looking for a lengthy blog post when they open the email and aren't expecting to be bombarded with a load of information. VSCO users are extremely visual. After all, VSCO is a photo-editing app and their users are interested in great photography and mostly navigate quickly through their phone. This email design allows great use of imagery and converts to a mobile friendly layout with user-friendly transition.


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