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Arthur Bortolin

CEO at Buena Vista Creative Co.




Hello everyone, thank you very much for checking Vida Libre’s Project and I hope you like what you’re going to see below.

So let’s start with a little bit of background and how everything started, then I’ll talk more about Vida Libre.

My name is Arthur Bortolin, I am 23 years old, from São Paulo, Brazil, and if I am doing it all is for a strictly reason: follow my feelings, design my life and make my dreams come true!

Like most of you, skateboarding was the beginning of everything for me and it pretty much changed my life. As I grew up, skateboarding led my interests to complementary creative subjects like arts, design and fashion.

During my first year of Graphic Design College, I got an internship at a website called The Hype BR, translating and contextualizing some of the best lifestyle news around the world, and covering the local scene as well. After a few years I was fortunate enough to meet people whom I have always admired the work, and got a job at the amazing Kultur Studio, where I was in charge of managing and producing social media content for clients like Nike Sportswear Brasil and Nike Skateboarding Brasil. I can definitely say that was a dream coming true for me, but as an official dreamer, I had much others dreams to achieve.

By this time, my girlfriend (Rafaela D’Apice) was finishing her Fashion Design College, with a successful and well-respected degree project highlighting the contrasts between the streets reality and the fashion world, with a spicy flavor of social criticism. I’m sure this is an unique project, and you guys should check “Shoot The Sheriff” too!

After years enforcing the local scene and noticing it’s significant growth, we felt not only obligated to keep the project going on, but we realized that there are much others opportunities out there, and we are 100% able to make them become real! So we decided that was time to believe in our visions and start running for our own. We both quitted our jobs and embarked into an inspirational time traveling around the world, visiting as many places as possible. Among them Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Barcelona, Bilbao and Paris, just to name a few.

It all took us more than a year, and meanwhile VIDA LIBRE WAS BORN.

Just like we threw everything up to make our dreams come true, we want to inspire everyone else to believe in their dreams too and work hard to achieve them. THIS IS WHAT VIDA LIBRE IS ALL ABOUT.

We are inspired by the youth free spirit and the urban-culture artistic expressions. We create for those who express themselves with authenticity, doesn’t matter if it’s up on a skateboard, spreading art all over the city, or making music!

Vida Libre also has a special bond with its geographic location. We are danm proud of being Brazilian, a country blessed by god and beauty by nature. There are a bunch of cool things happening down here in South America and it’s about time of you guys start paying more attention at us.  One of our missions is to use the streetwear language to design products that communicates with our reality, delivering quality pieces in fair prices to our local market, and showcase to the world a South American vision of the globalized street culture.

By the way, the name “Vida Libre” is written in an alternative language that we can call “Portuñol”, which is kind like a mix of Portuguese and Spanish, due to our common interests in the Latin American culture and family history as well (Rafaela’s family is from Argentina). To make it all clear for those who are not used to both languages, Vida Libre means “Free Life” in English.

Our first lookbook were shot with some local skateboarders while we were in Toronto, and you can check some of the best pictures below, but to check the whole thing just HIT THIS LINK!


All the t-shirts and shirts featured in the lookbook are from our pre-collection. As we’re just starting, we decide to use the pre-collection as kind of a test drive of materials, technics and suppliers. Some things did pretty well and others didn’t, so we took some lessons from the mistakes and made a new production including new pieces that are already hitting the stores. The all-over camo t-shirts are one of them:

Our production is 100% made in Brasil! In fact, except the sewing, we’ve been doing every other production step with our own hands so far. Yeah… we’re very DIY!

Right now we’re designing our next collection, looking forward to take the brand to a whole other level! I’m sure that the knowledge of you guys would help us a lot, so we’re 100% open for feedbacks and opinions.

I’m hugely grateful for those who had patience to read it all!

If you would like to know more about Vida Libre or our other projects, feel free to check or e-mail me at [email protected]

Vida Libre on Facebook:

 Vida Libre on Instagram: @Vida_Libre


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