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"V" The Velveteen Rabbit ~ Margery Williams

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Starting out ~ January 17

The hardest part so far for this project was picking just ONE favourite book to do a letter from. I did make a choice (finally) but now I have a side list of many others I want to do! 

For my Drop Cap letter I am choosing the letter "V" for the book The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.  I love this story, I always have. I now have a little one who doesn't go anywhere without his bunny and it always reminds me of this story.  

So far I have re-read the book. And made a brainstorming list of things I think about when going through the book.  I also created a visual moodboard because sometimes looking at images or even colour swatches gives me even more ideas and direction. 

Next I will start playing with some concepts. I still don't really know what I am going to do but I am enjoying myself exploring ideas. I think this project is going to be really fun! 

Quick roughs

I drew a bunch of Vs, just to get ideas for different feels, not really thinking about the rabbit or the story, just wanted different letter styles to think about.  

From there I started to doodle some Vs that related to the story.  I used the characters but also the feel of the story.  A lot of it takes place in the garden and woods near the boy's house and I thought to use that in the drop cap.  Being outdoors and going on adventures with his boy was a big part of the story, it's also important because the bunny ends meeting real rabbits and eventually becomes one in that setting. 

I enjoy a couple of these and want to develop them a little more... I will describe them a little more below, they are not in any perticular order so feedback is welcome! 

Concept #1
I like this one because it's the style of the letter feels like a drop cap, but it also has a old feel to it. This book was written in the early 1940s and I like keeping the old time decorative feel to it.  The relationship between the boy and the toy bunny is what makes the rabbit "real", so it's very important and I feel like this pose captures that relationship. I like using the boy laying down with bunny to be the serif at the bottom of this letter, and have some decorative garden elements coming from the top serifs since they hid in the gardens to play.  When I develop this one a little more I will try it with details, but I will also try a silouette version and see which worlks best. 

Concept #2
Another important part of the story, is when the fairy makes the bunny a real rabbit, after the boy is sick with scarlet fever and needs to destroy all his germy belongings.  I love this part of the story as well because the first thing the bunny does is jump and dance for joy like the other "real" rabbits. Maybe when I work this one a bit more I will try him dancing or leaping. 

Concept #3
Concept #3 depicts the same point in time as #2, when the fairy makes the rabbit real. This time I played more with the letter V, making it part of the moon light forest.  I don't like the moon where it is, it feels just placed there, I need to make that serve more of a purpose if I am going to keep it in there. Something to think about...

Concept #4
This one is completely different and I am simply using the bunny ears to form the letter V. One is simple the other is a more detailed version of the Velvetteen Rabbit. Maybe I will play a little with this one too, render them a little cleaner before I decide if I like that idea or not. Perhaps I will even do a blend of the two...


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