Uturuses before Duderuses | Skillshare Projects

Heidi Petersen

Graphic designer. Craftaholic. Vancouver, BC



Uturuses before Duderuses

For my project, I illustrated the saying "uturuses before duderuses." Choosing a phrase helped give me a starting point, but then I just had fun and enjoyed the process from there... I doodled a bunch of fun, feminine items! 

Next, I scanned it in and followed Jon's steps... I could have done a better job in the clean-up stage, but got a little too excited about coloring! I liked converting it to digital because I could take out or rearrange few things that I didn't think worked and easily copy and paste to add in some more polka dots. I also left a blank space in my doodle for the phrase, which I typed in at the end. :)

This was a great excercise in using illustrator to convert doodles to digital, and I very much enjoyed it! Thanks, Jon!


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