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Digital illustrator



Utensils: Maryland crabs

I am working on the "utensils" Spoonflower contest (May 20). While brainstorming I tried to think of utensils other than spoons and forks and knives, which brought me to a seafood concept. This helps narrow down the utensil selection and introduces some nice colors, too. (Living in Maryland for 5 years might also have something to do with my selection!) 

Here are some sketches, including one layout idea.

Here is a first draft. I think messing with scale will be helpful... larger utensils, maybe? 

I am going with the brick type of repeat based on a rectangular tile. Here are a bunch of versions, roughly in order of thought process.

First short at redoing the pattern. I liked this more than the diamond check pattern but didn't like how similar the Old Bay and beer can looked next to each other. 

Here's an attempt at mixing things up. I added wet naps to fill space (but can anyone actually tell that they were wet naps without an explanation?) With the brick tiling I realized that some colors ended up closer to each other than I'd thought, so at this point I switched a lot of utensils and colors around.

Finally I went nuts with that color slider and actual found something pretty different but also pretty fun! 

New contenders after color experimentation:

With texture added. The final colorways are beach and nautical inspired:

And here are my Spoonflower links!



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