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Using a causality graph for web analytics

Business Model

We have a unique algorithm, which through inspection alone, can generate a causal graph of events - i.e. given two correlated events A, B, it can tell whether A is a cause of B, B is a cause of A, or there's an event C which is a cause for both A and B.

Around this algorithm, we built a mechanism to track a user's usage pattern in a web page - so by inspecting enough users, we can say which elements to change in a web page to improve conversion. 

Our clients are website owners, and the value they get from us is a lot of time saved - instead of pouring through Google Analytics or heatmaps, doing A/B testing, etc., we can hook to their site (just two lines of javascript), and tell them what to change to improve conversion.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Once we get this rolling, and we have a service we can sell to clients, we should hire people to do all the work, including a CEO. 

Our work would be on founding the next startup based on this algorithm, probably in machine maintenance and optimization.


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