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Using Visual Storytelling to Boost your Online Brand

So I've started with drafting my first class for the December Teach Challenge. I'm excited to learn how to teach. For the next days, my main activity will be to collect all the necessary class material.

Milestone 1: Class Draft - Completed


Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project:

My class topic: Using Visual Storytelling to Boost your Online Brand


Once upon a time there was this strange revolutionary happening called the World Wide Web. Humans are using it to read new stories about what's happening in the world and to engage with their friends. Some humans are also writing such stories themselves either from their offices or while travelling the world. They use all kinds of platforms to distribute such stories. To get noticed, pictures and videos are published. Everyday, these humans have to process an avalanche of information on so called smartphones and tablets. Now there are also humans who are just starting to establish themselves online, for example to sell their products or services, or just simply to get famous. This class can help you making a first step by telling your stories in a structured way. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and that's including yourself!

In this class you will learn: 

  • The concepts behind visual storytelling
  • What it takes to boost your online brand
  • What the characteristics of a successful personal-, company-, or product brand are
  • Which online channels are working well for posting your visual stories
  • Which online tools can support you in setting up your visual stories
  • Two best practice storytelling techniques which can grow your followers quickly

Throughout this class I will give numerous examples of brands for which visual storytelling has proven to be successful in boosting their online brand.


Create a plan of approach in engaging with the community by using Visual Storytelling techniques.


Before you start writing a story and distribute it across your online channels, you first need to plan ahead and ask yourself important questions to determine the approach best fitting to your online brand. For this class project, you are encouraged to write a plan of approach using this template I’ve provided under Resources.



Think about your brand and how you want to position yourself. Fill in the below checklist. You can start working on this step as soon as you’ve finished lesson 3 “Your brand”.


Based on the results of the checklist above, which online channels do you think best fit your brand. Also describe why you’ve selected these channels. You can make use of the list below, but you are also free to adapt or extend it in order to add channels not mentioned on this list. Please go ahead and work on this second step as soon as you’ve finished reviewing lesson 4 “Online Channels”.


Write a small preface of the story you want to tell. You can start working on this step as soon as you’ve finished step 2.


Describe which storytelling technique you have chosen to best work for the story you’ve summarized in step 3. It is best that you first review the lessons about the 2 storytelling techniques introduced in this class. Clearly explain how you plan to engage with the online audience.


I am looking forward to your stories and plans how you think you can engage with your followers and the online community. These plans will also be an inspiration to others taking the class. 

Please don't hesitate to start working on the plan while you're watching the classes. I've hinted in each step which classes you would have to review before starting with each step.


Checklist for step 1: branding

Checklist for step 2: online channels for telling and distributing your story


Milestone 3: Outline

You can find my draft class outline here


Milestone 4: Introduction Video



Milestone 5/6: Editing Process - Introduction Video re-do

TODO: Planned for the Christmas holiday weeks.

Milestone 7: Publish Class

TODO: Is planned for the first week of January 2017


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