Using Photoshop to Paint Traditional Lineart

Using Photoshop to Paint Traditional Lineart - student project

Hello everyone!
I'm very excited to start this project! Feel free to leave any feedback below so a better class can be delivered!

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In this class I will teach how to use Photoshop to paint digitally a lineart done on paper.
This is a very useful skill because it allows you to keep the original artwork intact so you can experiment without compromising it. Photoshop is a very powerful software that has a ton of tools, but don't worry! Since this is a bite-sized class, I will focus on only a few of these tools to get where we want.

I will guide every step of the process, from drawing a simple lineart and digitizing to cleaning on Photoshop and using layers to control each color.

To better apply the skills learned in this class, I highly recommend the use of a graphics tablet. There is no need to be a professional one, but it must at least have pressure recognition.


After watching the lessons you will be able to easily apply color to your drawings using the tricks and tips you've learned here.

The project is very simple: Draw a lineart, digitize it and paint it! Don't forget to post your work on the class projects board so the others students and I can see, give feedback and be inspired by it! 


Hannah Cardoso
Freelance Illustrator