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Using Google Effectively

Class Title:

Using Google Effectively - 10 Tips

Class Topic:

In this class I will attempt to teach you, how to search Google, to find correct information quickly.

At work, Google had made me look more intelligent than I actaully am because before asking a question I prefer to Google it. I think ability to search Google effectively is one of the important skill these days. 

10 tips over 11 videos, in 11 minutes. 

Class Outline:

Click here for my Class Outline.

Introduction Video:

Using Google Effectively - 10 Tips (Intro)

Class Project:

Project Tittle: Combining tips learnt above

Project Description: Watch all the videos and write the search query to find PDFs with 'job interview tips' and submit the screenshot containing search results. 

Update: Class is now live, please check it out here.


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