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Using Creativity to Spice Up a Drab Home on a Zero Budget

Before Photo:


  • Needs - blankets, place to put feet up, light, and place for laptops (sofa table)
  • Shape - if you don't count pillows as shapes, this will be addressed on the sofa table against the window in a later post
  • Color - throughout the room, and the couch, you can find pops of yellow, green, turquoise, orange, gray, black and white - VERY colorful space
  • Pattern - there are several pillows with patterns - white, black, gray, and orange geometric; birds and botanicals; the old heirloom quilts; you could also go as far as the orange curtains, too; don't forget about that fun little bolster pillow
  • Texture - the couch is a micro-suede, but most of the texture is found in the quilts, and crochet blanket
  • Placement - there are usually 3 of us that lounge on the couch: my husband, son, and myself. I arranged the pillows in a way that will allow for the most comfort while we sit. I clustered the pillows in arrangements of three, except for the far left, closest to the TV which only has two pillows
  • Bling and Botanicals - the couch itself doesn't have bling, but the work lamp is silver. And unless you count the botanical print on the pillows, botanicals are absent as well. I plan to use bling and botanicals on the sofa table

Can't forget about life! My little, er I should say, gigantic boy. He's three and a half, and LOVES to watch Lego Movie and play on his tablet while lounging on the couch.

Here's the transformation again:

What do you think? Is there something you would suggest that might look better?

My home isn't this pretty. My home is cookie cutter, and the floorplan makes styling and arrangment an absolute pain. Using elements learned from this class, I'm going to transform my home into something uniquely me. Something inspiring. And I'm going to do this on a zero budget. Stay tuned!

  • Needs - storage for blankets, toys, etc
  • Shape - round objects are randomly found throughout for visual interest
  • Color - pops of turquoise, red and other vibrant colors from a child's displayed artwork
  • Pattern - the upholstered ottoman has a distinct pattern. in addition, the pillow in the middle has a bold pattern
  • Texture - blankets draped on the chaise and wire chair, along with a fuzzy pillow and cowhide rug
  • Placement - the gallery wall extends up the wall under the stairs, around the corner, and over the fireplace. a few extra prints are found in the stairwell
  • Bling - the steel task lamp, gold candle stick holders, figurine, and even the little pot holding the flowers
  • Botanicals - a small pot of red flowers are perched on a little table stacked with books


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