Using Colour in Jewellery Design

Using Colour in Jewellery Design - student project

Welcome to using colour in jewellery design. This class will start by looking at some important basics regarding using colour in design including the use of colour wheels, the names of common colour schemes and how using colour can affect how people feel. Then we can move on to creating a beautiful and unique bracelet using what you have learnt and your own creative flare.

The class project will be to create a stitched bracelet using beads and cord. Although this bracelet requires only a few simple materials and no prior knowledge of jewellery making, the finished piece is beautiful and practical. The bracelets design will be based on the colours you associate with a particular 'favourite' of yours. Some examples of themes could be based on your favourite:

  • colour or colour scheme
  • band
  • film
  • character
  • video game
  • season
  • place
  • holiday
  • animal

Even if another student chooses the same theme as you, each bracelet will be completely unique due to your individual tastes and feelings, memories, associations and thoughts about the theme.