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Useful Designs and Jewelry

My imagination revolves around useful or functional things. I design the things I need around the house or office. The designs help with organization, efficiency, and satisfaction of use. 

  • Storage Cube and Storage Cube Plus - These storage cubes allow me to organize the raw material for my jewelry findings, fasteners, and chain using the drawers below. Multiple configurations possible. 

  • Large, Medium, and Small Drawers for the Storage Cubes above.

  • Chain Spool - Designed in 2 pieces for printability on FFF printers. Each piece fits into each other for a snug fit. Once together, these can be placed inside of the Medium Drawer for the Storage Cubes. I use them for jewelry chain organization. Others could use them for thread, wire, etc. 

  • Tarp Hook Holder - I store my motorcycle outside against my house. This holder will allow me to place an S-hook through the hole on the side as well as let me fasten it to the underside of the roof with 2 screws. I can then loop the tarp grommet through the hook to create a sort of tent against the house. 

Velocity Stacks - Velocity stacks are a mechanical invention to help bring air more smoothly into the carburetors of an engine. Smoother air induction creates better performance. This is my attempt at desigining a working velocity stack. Typically these are machine from metal. 

I also hobby around with jewelry design, manufacturing, and selling via Here are a couple pieces I have designed in 123D. These didnt take much skill, but they represent my style.

  • Shell Ring

  • His and Hers wedding bands - My girlfriend and I will be getting married in 2015. We work with our hands and dont often wear jewelry. We think these are perfect for us.


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