Use your Senses project


Picture 1: 

The velvet like flower stood in a field of similar ones, the delicious scents wafting up from the ground reminded her of her summer home. All around her she could hear the little birds chattering to each other and her body relaxed into the chair.


Picture 2: 

Her feet sank delicately into the coarse sand, like soaked cotton. She wiggled her toes and looked out at the horizon, barely catching the waves crashing softly on the shore out of her peripheral vision. Her arms fell slack by her side as a calmness overtakes her body.


Picture 3:  This one was very confusing, I couldn't tell what was going on in the picture, it's not a very good example but here's my shot. 


The train forced him to sit in the cargo, cramped and musty. His nose scrunched at the scent soaking the air, almost like a gym locker. The old towels thrown over the rails didn't help with the repulsive scent that offended his senses.