Use Your Senses

The Sunflower

Its bloom glowed a bright orange and yellow as if it was meant to reradiate the sun.  The petals were soft and delicate like finely spun silk.  The symmetry reminded her of the safety and orderliness of her childhood.

The Beach

Where sand and saltwater met was always a magical place to her.  It had an even, definable rhythm with each part of nature playing its part.  Sun, clouds, and sky created moving colors along the water's surface.  The wind, full of saltwater aroma, wafted over her face and made her relax at the touch.  

Baggage Car?

He gained consciousness slowly wondering where he was and how he had gotten there.  The baggage car, if that's what it was, had a commercial feel.  It was well lighted but obviously not meant for human occupancy.  Its gentle sway told him he was moving.  The contents gave him no clue to his situation, further confusing him.