Usability Heuristics Evaluation of Healthy Surprise

Usability Heuristics Evaluation of Healthy Surprise - student project


In this usability heuristics evaluation, I analyzed Healthy Surprise's website to find out what works well and what needs improvement. Healthy Surprise, as the name suggests, is a healthy snacks subscription boxes service, committed to only working with products that have high-quality ingredients, and offering a variety of full-sized snacks in every box. All the snacks are dairy, gluten, GMO, soy, corn and wheat free. They also have gift sets and personal care boxes nowadays. I chose to evaluate this particular company's website because I had never used it before, and therefore I had a fresh, unbiased perspective and experience.



After analyzing Jakob Nielsen, Whitney Hess and Susan Weinschenk's usability heuristics for UI design, I chose to use the following five heuristics in my evaluation: user control and freedom, recognition rather than recall, aesthetic and minimalist design, presenting few choices, and limiting distractions and grabbing attention. I evaluated the website with one heuristic in mind at a time, while simulating the task of choosing a box and proceeding to check out (before payment).


Heuristics Insights and Improvements: