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Shinah Chang

~budding graphic designer~



Urbane Personal Styling

I chose a fictional company called Urbane Personal Styling, which provides clothing selection and personal styling services to young, hip men.

When I thought of the company and brand name, immediately these words came to mind:







I also thought of cufflinks, lapels, bowties, coathangers and other clothing-related items. But didn't want to get too literal with the logo. 

Here are my initial sketches!


Logo in Progress:

I found that tracing thick script with the pen tool was much more challenging. In a pencil sketch, the imperfections look charming, but when it's crisp on the computer screen, any variations in angle, height, etc. in the typography just make it look amateurish. I also didn't have a stamp brush, so I improvised to give my letters a grungy, spray-painted look. I'll probably refine some more and post as it improves. 


I then spent some time in Illustrator carefully setting up straight and slanted guidelines to make my logo a bit more uniform and polished.

Here it is in white against black (with a very slight grungy texture):


And with more texture, which is fun but I think takes away from the "smooth" and "polished" feeling of the brand that I wanted to achieve:


More textures I tried. One satiny effect (like an actual loose bowtie) and one sketchy:




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