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Urban sketching for beginners: watercolor sketch in 3 steps

Class: http://skl.sh/2gwQVMJ

Hi, guys!

Here is my very first Skillshare project and this is about my great passion - the urban sketching! I hope you would like it and enroll into my class :)


This class is for people who don’t know where to start with urban sketching, for people who are struggling with their first sketches but also for all those who just would like to draw a nice Dutch house with me. I'll show you, step-by-step, how to make a beautiful watercolour sketch and I'll give you a lot of tips that will make your urban sketching process much easier and fun.

For this project, you may use my references I've put in the Class Project or your own photographs.


1. Create a finished watercolour sketch in three steps:

STEP 1: Sketching with a pencil

STEP 2: Fineliner (and brush pen)

STEP 3: Watercolour and splattering

2. Remember to post all the steps of your project in the project gallery so the other students can see and comment it.


Since I really love to work with mindmaps I've created one for this project.


 Of course, I've made a regular outline as well. So, please, click HERE to view my class outline sheet. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestion! 



Hi everyone! 

I'm so happy I've published my very first class! The things didn't always go as I planned but I've learned a lot about filming, making presentations etc. And I'm very proud of the result. I really hope you'll enjoy a sketching time. And if you have suggestions for a next urban sketching class, they are very welcome all the time.:) 




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