Urban Wilderness

I'm interested in writing about nature and the environment, the green movement in urban settings, and getting children into nature even in the city. I blog about getting kids into nature and urban nature, and write about urban wildlife and Scouting for the Examiner.com. 

I have a couple of personal essays that I might like to pitch. One is on reconciling my love of the wilderness with my love of the city, and one is on how taking my children backpacking helped build up their confidence for navigating the city. I am not sure what are the best outlets to pitch these essays. 

For a more service journalism oriented piece, I would like to write about some kid-friendly hikes accessible by public transportation from NYC. I often have other parents tell me they'd like to go camping or hiking with their kids, but don't know how. I could pitch this to Time Out Kids, and I can always post it on my own blog if I don't sell it. 

Here is a draft pitch: 

One thing city families may feel they miss out on is exposure to nature. Sure, you take the kids to the park or playground whenever weather permits, but how do you offer more rugged experiences, such as woods full of birdsong or the challenge of hiking up to a panoramic view?

In fact, there are quite a few ways that city families can experience wilder nature, and some are even accessible by public transportation. In this article I'll describe some interesting places for kid-friendly hikes in and around New York City. I'm well qualified to present this topic, because I have been hiking and camping with my children and school and Scout groups for almost 14 years, and maintain a blog about sharing nature with children and urban nature at www.sticksrocksdirt.com. My blog is a go-to source for families looking for places to go camping and what to pack when they go. I also write about Scouting and urban wildlife for examiner.com.