Urban Sketching

Urban Sketching - student project

Zaneena, let me say one more time how much I loved your class and how much I appreciate the toughtfulness behind all your tips and advices. Can't wait for the next one! 
I like the idea that it doesn't have be perfect. The last time I tried urban sketching I was so dedicated to replicate the same colors, proportions etc. but I'm still a beginner so, of course, that didn't turn out very well. I also like the idea that this is some kind of capturing the moment, more than just a photo. And you can do it the way you want - use your own colors, ignore the things you don't like. 
For my project I chose a photo from our last vacation - it was in Italy, by the Como lake. I fell in love with this small town - Varenna, with all its narrow streets, tiny restaurants, the athmosphere was amazing! I used my Fabriano 25% cotton which I like a lot. 
PS: I also liked your Arteza sketchbook - it seems like it's taking the paint very well. Is it 100% cotton?
Urban Sketching - image 1 - student project

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