Urban Sketch from Screenshot

Urban Sketch from Screenshot - student project

Hey Peggy,

I really enjoyed this class, and have recommended it to some of my friends already! (Oh, and you're the one who introduced me to Skillshare...I signed up with your link to get two free months. Thanks!)

I decided to search Google images to find an urban pic I liked. So, this doesn't really have any sentimental value to me...but I liked the pic, so I decided to try to sketch it after learning how to from you.Urban Sketch from Screenshot - image 1 - student project

Urban Sketch from Screenshot - image 2 - student projectAfter I worked on it for some time, I realized there were two points I had to work with, since this is on a corner. Of course there are many things I wish I had done differently....but I'm uploading it anyways to get some feedback. Honestly, everything I know about sketching is from you! I've never taken any art classes or anything. So. Here goes. Let me know what I can improve on. Thanks!